So Many Supplies, So Little Space!


As crafters, many of us also tend to be hoarders… at least when it comes to supplies.  If you’re anything like me, you probably have skein upon skein of yarn in your craft closet, sheets of fabric strewn every which way in your living room, and piles of scrapbook paper covering your coffee table.  It’s […]

Deal of the Week: 45% Off Sewing Baskets

Sewing Basket Deal of the Week

This deal of the week is the perfect Christmas gift…for yourself! We all need to be a bit more organized (obsessive-compulsive crafters aside), and I’m sure many of you are jotting that goal on your list of New Year’s resolutions in a couple weeks. But let me tell you from a little experience that dark […]

Deal of the Week: Save 40% on an Easy Knitting Round Loom Set

Deal of the Week: Easy Knitting Round Loom Set

If the holidays have got you stressed out, loom knitting is a great way to relax! No dropped stitches and no strained wrists mean no worries with the Easy Knitting Round Loom Set. This loom set comes with four brightly-colored round knitting looms in sizes from 5 inches to 11 inches in diameter. A complete […]

It’s Afghan Season: Are You Ready?

Imagine this:  You’re curled up in front of the fire, sipping hot chocolate and watching your favorite Christmas movie on TV.  What could possibly be missing, you might ask?  A comfy afghan wrapped around you, of course! It’s no secret that afghans are a hugely popular project for knitters and crocheters during the winter months, […]

Deal of the Week: Crochet Hook Set 44% off

Deal of The Week: Crochet Hook Set 44% off

The Crochet Master Steel & Aluminum Crochet Hook Set from makes the ideal gift for the crochet enthusiast in your family. The set comes in a classy vinyl case with helpful slots for each of the 16 steel crochet hooks and 8 aluminum crochet hooks inside—a set of 24 total hooks for any imaginable […]