5 Felt Projects and the Materials to Make Them

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I love felt.  It’s one of my favorite things to craft with.  You can use it for almost anything and it’s so cheap to buy!  Craft felt sheets run anywhere from $0.25 to $1.00 per sheet in most stores, so I make it a habit to stock up on felt when I’m out shopping!

Since spring is right around the corner, I’ve gathered up five springy felt projects to share with you, as well as information on how to get everything you need to make them.  So grab your felt and some embroidery thread and let’s get to work!

Felt Baby Booties:  These little felt booties are just the cutest thing!  You can make them for boys or girls and decorate them to your heart’s content!  This package of Pastel Colored Felt would be great for this, since you’ll be well stocked with lots of light pinks, blues, greens, and yellows.  You’ll also need some fun embroidery thread to decorate your booties.  This embroidery floss pack contains all the best colors for your decorating needs.


Felt Covered Wire Hangers:  Keep your closet organized and pretty with these cute felt hangers!  You can even add a cute little felt flower for a sweet touch!  These hangers are very easy to make and also make great housewarming or Mother’s Day gifts.  The hand stitched felt technique used in this project also adds a nice touch to these hangers.  Even Joan Crawford would be proud!


Carnation Felt Button:  Speaking of felt flowers, did you know you can make felt flowers in minutes?  These adorable carnations are great for Mother’s Day or birthday packages.  I made a beautiful bouquet of these flowers using this Classic Felt Colors Package.  I even had enough felt to make a bouquet for my sister!  You will need some glue for these flowers, and I recommend this Felt Glue.  It’s easy to use and bonds quickly…so you can make lots of flowers in no time!


Felt Bracelets and Bangles:  The coming of spring means sleeves are getting shorter…time to show off that wrist flair!  These funky and fun bangles are a great way to jazz up some old bracelets you have lying around.  Feel free to add all the fabric embellishments you want, though I prefer various buttons!  You could also use the embroidery floss pack to add some stitching decoration to your felt bangles.


Bunny Peeps Bunting:  Who doesn’t love those little marshmallow Peeps?  Now you can enjoy them without feeling guilty about calories!  This super cute Peeps banner is a great and easy felt project.  You’ll need a good portion of felt to make this, so felt by the yard might not be a bad idea.  This is a great project for those who are new to bunting…and it’s by far one of the cutest banners I’ve ever seen!


In terms of bang for your buck, felt is about as good as it gets.  There are tons of projects you can do with felt, and often all you need is a pair of scissors and a little imagination!


What’s your favorite thing to do with felt?  What’s the best felt project you’ve made so far?

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